The last few decades have seen a rise in the use of social media platforms to advertise business effectively. However, since various businesses, including your competitors, are using online platforms to marketing themselves and promote their brand, it is best to fall back on social media advertising. This is where Facebook comes in. In terms of social media advertising, Facebook has been one of the greatest options if you are looking to reach a wider target.

This article highlights some of the things did not know about Facebook Ads. 

Special Ads

Facebook Ads feature a local awareness feature that allows you to target consumers within your service area automatically. Businesses can also use this feature with multiple outlets. The feature can effectively direct the target audience to the outlet closest to their location. One thing that makes the local awareness feature impressive is the fact that sections that call for action within the ad can be changed dynamically based on the client’s current location. Some of the things commonly switched out include phone numbers, addresses, and ad copy. 

Aside from their local awareness ads, Facebook also altered their Page Insights to keep companies in the loop on demographic changes and current trends specific to people within a given service area. Some of the data relayed include; 

• The areas busiest days 

• The cumulative demographics of the population such as age, gender, and residency.

• The average percentage of people within the service area who have seen your ad. 

Precision Targeting

Through numerous upgrades, Facebook ads can now be used to target specific users based on their online activities, such as the posts they like or the pages they visit. With this feature, your marketing team can keep track of the stores visited and the purchases made through your ads. This way, the company can effectively generate result reports on their marketing campaign. These ads are also designed to connect your business to your target audience connected to any device, thus effectively promoting your brand. 

Through precision targeting, you can narrow down on your target audience, thus reducing advertisement costs. You only pay for a specific number of leads within your niche instead of paying for a huge number that doesn’t fit your client base. 

This feature also allows you to access the contacts of your potential clients, allowing you to market to your clients directly. You can choose to send your adverts to the emails, contacts or even through direct phone calls. 

However, to maintain consumers’ privacy, you can decide to opt out of this service. Keep in mind that designing your ads based on your lead’s preferences and tastes remains the most effective tool for using Facebook ads. 

Facebook’s Pixel

This is an analytical tool that is used to measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaign by analyzing the actions people take on your web page. By using Facebook pixel, you can make sure your Facebook ads are direct4ed to your specific niche. This way, you can generate new leads based on their online activities, such as visiting specific pages or even their previous visit to your website. 

Drive more sales through automatic bidding that directs you to leads that are likely to take, such as browse your product list or even make a purchase. 

You will also be able to measure the results of your ads. This enables you to understand your ads’ effect on your target audience based on the actions they take after viewing your ads. 

Insane ROI

Facebook ads are considered one of the most profitable advertising strategies you can use for your business. This is mainly because through Facebook, you can reach your exact target audience. Advertising to the right people increases the chances of clicking on your advert and even proceeding to visit your website. This can potentially lead to sales earning you more money. 

Most Facebook ads are based on awareness, consideration, and conversion. With your sights on creating brand awareness, the ads can be tailored to promote your brand locally to create a loyal fan base. The more people are aware of your business; the more likely they are to buy from you. 

Facebook ads give you access to how many clicks, impressions, and conversions you get from your adverts. This way, you can ascertain what is working and what’s not. Facebook also offers you an Offline Conversions API that gives you real-time access to transactions made offline, both on online platforms and in-store. With this information, you can optimize your ads to reach your niche effectively. 


Speaking of targeting, Facebook’s AI has a way of finding people who look like your target customer by pulling data which then becomes available to you. This new group of people that Facebook AI created for you is available for you to market to you as well. With this feature, you can increase the size of your audience on Facebook. The feature works by finding similarities between your current audience and other Facebook users and share your ads with those who have a close resemblance. 

ReignVisual’s Facebook Ad Management

Online marketing is fast becoming a full-time job, with agencies coming up with new ways to manage Facebook ads on behalf of businesses effectively. You can contact ReignVisual who specializes in Facebook Ads and understands the science behind them. To know more about our services, you can visit our website