Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to market your business, products, brands, talent,e.t.c. You can gain many new customers as more people like, comment, and share your posts. The Instagram algorithm creates the order in which you see your Instagram posts as you scroll up your feed. Thus, if you want to clean Instagram algorithm hacks, you need to let it run its course. As a result, it will boost your engagement level, so you’re more likely to stay on top of the feed and gain more followers. Here are a few ways to help you clean Instagram algorithm hacks.

Let us begin,

Have Consistency in Your Niche

The algorithm can understand what your account is all about from the information you post. 

It learns from you throughout the process. It categorizes your profile based on hashtags, content type, and how you engage with your audience. 

Therefore, to get more followers or customers, you have to be consistent with your niche. The more you post content related to your niche, the more you grow your audience. 

The algorithm allows users who have recently shown interest in your content to see your latest posts on top of their feed. You can then have your profile displayed to the relevant audience in suggested profiles to follow, explore page results, and recommended reels.

Post When Your Audience is Most Active

Knowing when your audience is most active can help you to optimize your posts. You can use the ‘later best time to post’ feature on Instagram analytics to determine when your audience is most active. It calculates your top seven posting times for the week according to your audience activity over the past month. If most of your followers are online, you have a greater chance of getting more likes, comments, and shares on your post. Additionally, your post has a better chance of getting more people when most of your followers engage with it.

Encourage Viewers to Engage

A compelling call to action is what is needed to spur engagement from as many people as possible. Reshares, comments, likes, and views play a critical role in ranking your feed. Therefore, you must encourage many engagements from your followers by including a call to action in your captions. Ensure your audience understands the purpose of the call to action by keeping it simple, direct, and brief. You can do so by inviting your audience to share the latest giveaway with their friends by tagging them.

Utilize Instagram SEO for your posts

The SEO will allow you to target a specific audience for your feed. To optimize your post for SEO purposes, include relevant highly searched keywords in your captions to enable users to see your posts when they ‘search by keyword.’ You can also write alt text manually on your post, include 30 relevant hashtags, or comment first. To write an alt text, go to advanced settings, select publishing flow, and click ‘ write alt text.’ The image recognition software will automatically create a description for you, but a manual input text will is more accurate.

Enhance Your Hashtag Strategy

Using a hashtag is crucial in categorizing your posts for your audience to help clean reel hacks. To improve your hashtag strategy, you can use trending hashtag posts on your niche, avoid banned hashtags, make relevant hashtags, and use popular hashtags with a high number of posts. You can also save customized lists of hashtags for different content themes so that you can easily add a relevant hashtag when posting.

Use The Instagram New Features

The fastest way to clean algorithm hacks is to take advantage of the latest features. To drive adoption, Instagram gives new features special prominence. Taking advantage of these features at a time when competition is low can lead to considerable benefits. The reels, for example, have given priority to user feeds for the past six months, and early adopters are getting great results. Instagram reels are still a phenomenal opportunity for creators to create ‘hacks’ in the algorithm. You can discover many reel hacks you can utilize to get more engagements. 

 Post Stories that have Engagement-driving Stickers

Stories stickers are the quickest and easiest way to boost your engagement. They allow interaction with your audience and are also a huge indicator of the Instagram algorithm. You can clean hacks by using polls, emoji sliders, and quiz stickers. They are quick interactions with your audience and are fun to use while creating and posting content. They also have a super low barrier to entry. Question stickers are a great way of encouraging DM conversations. They help create a deeply personal relationship with the Instagram algorithm by cleaning hacks. You can capitalize on them by telling your audience to share their views through polls or in your DM.

Always Share the Original Content on Reels

Compared to original reels, reels with watermarks from Tiktok or other video shooting apps get low priority. The deprioritization process also applies to videos that are of low quality or blurry. The best way to clean algorithm Instagram hacks is by posting original content on reels. Your content also has to be the high quality within the reels editor.

Bottom Line:

To clean Instagram algorithm hacks, you only need to let the algorithm perform its job. The process is beneficial to you as a content creator or marketer on Instagram. It helps you gain more engagements and followers on your account.