COVID19 has come and changed business how we once knew it. Several companies have suffered a loss of revenue due to the mandatory shutdown. Market Watch reported that since July 10, 2020, that some 15,742 businesses have closed permanently. Those that have survived, now have to revamp and adapt to what’s happening during this pandemic.

Investing in proper marketing is an innovative method for business owners to stream up consistent customers for their business. Like Virtual Platforms Like Social Media, Ads, Websites And Email.

Thinking Future-Forward

Revamping your brand’s digital marketing is one way to stay in front of mind. With the virus still being active, the future for brick and mortar are unsure, and are at higher risk. Creating an engaging virtual experience is one alternative to combat the COVID wave and to remain stable. Businesses everywhere small and large are adapting to the pandemic era by making more services available online providing a safer experience for their customers.

Survival Tactics

Transforming Digitally: Many businesses are finding creative new ways to deliver products and services virtually by using various social media platforms. While during this transformation, it is important that businesses reinvent their websites and marketing strategies to reflect the adaptation of COVID19.
Don’t Panic! – Remember it’s not the end but the time is now. Utilizing more contact-less strategies to keep your brand up and buzzing is a smart move that many businesses can make.

What makes matters worse is that the number of businesses closing is steadily on the rise. This has caused the share of businesses that are permanently closing to steadily rise.