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7 Powerful Advantages of Using Video Marketing for Business

Writen by Katilyn Summers

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A video can hold someone’s attention far better than a picture or text due to the increased stimulation. This means people who watch the video will actually retain the information in it. This is why many viewer convert to customers. 

Digital video marketing uses unique videos to spread the word online about your small business and what you have to offer and maybe even inform or entertain people. With large corporations like Reebok and Nike finding success with their video marketing campaigns, you may want to try it for your own business. Here are 7 powerful benefits of using video marketing for business. 

1. Easier Conversion

You want your marketing campaign to show results, and video does just that. According to Wyzowl, 84% of those surveyed said they decided to buy a product after watching a promotional video. When you get someone to watch your video, you have a great chance to turn them into a customer instantly. 

2. Reach a Wider Variety of Customers

Everyone enjoys viewing videos; in fact, one-third of all internet activity is spent doing so. As a result, video marketing increases your chances of reaching significantly more people because videos are frequently shared across platforms and become viral.

Unlike most traditional marketing campaigns, which are limited to one platform and are often viewed exclusively by individuals who are targeted inside that platform. Video content can also be accessed at any time, giving people the opportunity to watch it whenever they feel like it.

3. Stronger Customer Connection

A business must establish a connection with their customers, and videos can help accomplish this. Customers will get an opportunity to see some of the faces behind your small business, creating a relationship. Video can also help explain things about the product and how to use them. People will not buy a product if they don’t understand it. Luckily, 94% of marketers say that videos increased user understanding of products. 

4. Greater Brand Awareness & Recall

You can use your videos to help establish your brand. Start by creating the tone you want to associate with your brand. You can also incorporate brand-specific taglines or activities into the content. It has been proven that videos enhance brand recall, putting your company at the front of their minds if they have a need for your small business’s products or services. Make sure to add graphics that represent your company’s logo and name.

5. From Prospect to Customer

Video marketing is a trend. In fact, promotional videos about an item are preferred 4 times more than reading material. Instead of resisting the trend, you might as well follow it and adapt to it. Knowing which platforms will benefit your business the most can help you reach your objective faster. Make sure to share your promotional videos on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, as these are the most popular sites for doing so.

6. Enhanced Engagement

To improve retention, make sure the video is both easy to consume and engaging. Do this by including both eye-catching visuals and concise text.

7. Better ROI

Small businesses have found that incorporating promotional videos into their marketing campaigns improved return on investment. In fact several small businesses have seen their landing page conversion rates increase by up to 80% simply by adding a video to it.

However the ROI of your video marketing campaign for your small business depends greatly on the effectiveness of the video and its quality. There’s many professional companies that can help with this. Here at ReignVisual, we offer high quality, personalized promotional videos to help you take your small business to the next level. We offer packages that can be purchased directly our website. The best part about our promotional video package is that a professional will work with you to create a simple but effective video marketing campaign for your small business that fits your marketing plan. 

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