Business size does not play any considerable importance in an online advertising campaign since even the smallest businesses have been seen to achieve good results. However, Facebook Ads are designed differently based on the set goals and offer an incredible way of generating new leads for the business. Facebook advertising has helped many small businesses to grow their revenue and customer bases but requires dedicated effort and an effective strategy for it to work. Here are some ways to increase sales and leads using Facebook Ads.

Create a Digital Shopping Experience.

Today most shopping is mainly done using smartphones since many shoppers spend much time browsing through products before making any online purchase. Therefore, online shopping has become quite popular, and any small business must create its digital showcase. Facebook has various Ad types to display your products which include; Collection Ads, Canvas Ads, and Carousel Ads.

Facebook’s Collection Ad allows multiple products to be includes directly below an image, video, or slideshow. The Canvas Ads allow for the creation of an immersive full-screen experience using videos and images. The Canvas opens up in full screen on the users’ smartphone, and a user can swipe in any direction or zoom in and out. The Carousel Ad allows multiple products to be featured simultaneously in a single ad using carousel cards that the users can scroll through. In the above Ad types, whenever a user clicks an image or a call to action, they are redirected to another landing page to purchase the product.

Define The Objectives of Your Business.

For an Ad campaign to be successful and produce the desired results, it is crucial to define the businesses’ objectives to know the goal you want to achieve. It helps Facebook to optimize the Ad to allow you to reach your goal. Facebook’s Ad objectives will help increase your brand awareness and reach an optimum number of users in your target audience. Internet traffic to your website is also boosted, which leads to increased lead generation and engagement of the users. Upon setting an Ad objective, it becomes easier to know your target audience, set a budget, and create a unique Ad to deliver your content.

Maximize Your Ad Spend Return.

It is essential only to make bids on Ads that cater to your desired outcome as a small business. You should also ensure that the average daily budget is five times bigger than the bid since Facebook states that this provides wiggle room for the assembly of more conversion data in each Ad. With this, you will get accurate conversion predictions which subsequently enable you to achieve your goals. Facebook also states that falling short of budgets results in there being under-delivered Ads, making it more challenging to gather conversions.

Use Traffic Objective Ads.

Facebooks Ads are always associated with the sale of products online. It is, therefore, crucial to ensure that your digital Ad leads to your business’s online store where the customers can make purchases and wait for the delivery of their products. In addition, the store traffic objective helps reach out to the customers who are likely to be interested in your business. The Ad appearing to these customers will have specific directions to your business stores, operating hours, and contact information. When using the store traffic objective, you can easily develop customized Ads for each of your stores and the target distance around each store, even if you operate a small business.


It is essential to conduct an A/B test to determine if your Ad campaign is working. An A/B will help determine which particular Ad is working, the audience it works with, and how you can improve your campaign to make it better. A/B testing involves testing two elements of your Ad against each other to see which one yields better results. The test process ensures that you get the best return from your campaign investment. In addition, A/B testing your Ads will increase the conversions since you will be using the best version of the Ad. It also helps to gain insight into the potential buyers’ behavior, which is helpful across other business marketing campaigns.

Target The Appropriate Audience.

An advertising campaign without the right audience is always doomed to fail. Various factors have to be put into consideration when creating a Facebook Ad. These include the interests of the audience, their location, their demographic, and their income. Answering these questions will make it easier to gather the right audience. Online tools like Lookalike and Custom Audiences also help you reach your target audience. Custom Audiences enables you to upload a list of customers you already have information about, and Facebook delivers Ads to them. Lookalike Audiences helps to find new users with similar interests and traits to reach customers who may be interested in your products. For a small business getting the right audience will improve your awareness and create more leads.


The Facebook Ads platform has something for every business regardless of its size, budget, and advertising goals. It is a sea of endless possibilities that can make your business marketing needs achievable. As a small business, promoting your services through Facebook Ads will help create a larger market and increases sales and leads in your small business.