Although you may believe your small business marketing efforts are sufficient, now is the perfect time to begin rethinking digital marketing strategies. When you consider rethinking digital marketing strategies, you can find the perfect way to appeal to your current clients and gain a myriad of new ones. Here are ways you can use social media to your business’s advantage. 

Research Your Audience to Find the Right Platforms 

Obviously, you don’t want to leave any business-related stone unturned. You also don’t want to invest time and resources into unfruitful marketing strategies. Therefore, you must do adequate research so you can go into your digital marketing strategy prepared. Study which social media platforms your consumer base are most likely to use and make profiles there.

Create Quality Posts to Attract Customers  

Once you’ve done research to figure out which social networks are best for your online marketing strategy, it’s time to focus on creating efficient posts. One of the most effective marketing techniques is the 70/20/10 rule. This breaks down to 70 percent branding and imagery, 20 percent sharing, and ten percent promotion. 

Brand awareness is your chance to familiarize your audience with your business and build relationships. Relevant Information to include in branding posts include your business’s world and community impact, product and service benefits, defining aspects of your brand, as well as the motivating factors and team culture. In addition to well-written posts, it’s smart to use high-quality imagery. 

The next 20% is devoted to sharing content relevant to your brand. This can include business-related or fun content from similar brands. Not only will your audience appreciate the posts, other social media users who enjoy the mentioned brands will take an interest and consider you an expert.

Of course, you need to actively promote your services and products on your social media. Rather than flood your timeline, it’s best to devote one out of every ten posts to deals, business-related events, promotions, and new product teasers. 

Go Pro!  

If digital marketing is not your specialty, you should consider outsourcing. Businesses like ReignVisual specialize in building larger consumer bases for small businesses. Not only does ReignVisual assist with digital brand marketing, but ReignVisual also manages your social media platforms for you. If you have the resources, invest in professional digital marketing companies to optimize your results. 

You may not have the ability to compete with larger companies in your industry, but the right digital marketing strategies can lead to success. By utilizing social media marketing tools like research and posting relevant content, you increase your chances of building and maintaining a successful consumer base.