Our client Chief Cuts, a well-known barbershop in Fort Wayne area came to us with a problem: their marketing efforts weren't attracting new customers and their site needed major updates. Our team designed a website that would be the best experience for their customers.


Chief Cuts Barbershop


2021 - 2022


Web Design
SEO Optimization
Visual Brandning

A Cutting-Edge New Image

Being a locally based barbershop, their approach to attracting new customers relied on an old word-of-mouth tactic. Living in a digital era Chief Cuts wanted to take advantage of today’s modern digital marketing.  In need of a stronger website presence, Chief Cuts Barbershop was aware that their current website was outdated and did not reflect the quality of their business.

Ensuring that the classic barbershop feel was captured, and delivering the experience ChiefCuts customers desired was essential to the success of the website. The final website combines a classic barbershop feel with modern elements to create a site that is both stylish and user-friendly.

The work didn’t stop there! To make sure that ChiefCuts customers could find the website easily, we also carried out Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) on all of the pages. This involved researching popular keywords and phrases related to barbershops and haircuts and including these throughout the content.

With this new design and added SEO, we are confident that the finished website will help ChiefCuts to attract new customers and grow its business. The new website features a booking system so that customers can easily schedule appointments, and there is also a gallery so that people can see the high-quality work that ChiefCuts produces.

Branding & Design

01. Clean and minimal

02. Premium design

03. Lovely product

A Clean Finish

For our latest project, we took some time to research what other companies in our industry are doing well (and not so well) and used those insights to inform our own design decisions. We worked with Chief Cuts Barbershop to improve their visual branding. We kept the core values of their company in mind while making changes to their branding. 

We believe that this will help them attract new customers while still maintaining the loyalty of their existing customer base. The process was very collaborative, with everyone on our team contributing their ideas and expertise to create a final product that we’re all really happy with. Our client loves it too – which is always the best sign of success!

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