The Detroit Roofing Company has been in business for over 20 years and wanted to upgrade their website with a new design that would help them showcase a new look and professionalism.


Detroit Roofing Company


2021 - 2022


Content Strategy

The Detroit Roofing Company Reinvents Itself

Here’s a little backstory: The crafty folks behind Detroit Roofing Company are our longtime friends. As with most entrepreneurs, they’ve had their share of ups and downs as they’ve tried to grow their business online. Their old website was good, but it was getting outdated and didn’t have the professional look they wanted to project to potential customers. We took on the challenge of giving it a facelift, and we think you’ll agree that the new site is SUPER!

We started by refreshing the brand—this is one of those situations where a company’s old logo or icon can be a stumbling block when it comes time to update the site, so we replaced it with an updated version that matches their new branding.

Once we had a place to start, we set out to keep their content fresh and relevant and make sure that it would continue to reflect the personality of the Detroit Roofing Company. One thing that’s always driven us nuts about websites is how impersonal they are—since we were redesigning from scratch, rather than working on an existing site, we got the chance to address this issue head-on by making sure every page was eye-catching and informative. 

Layout & Design

01. Clean and minimal

02. Premium design

03. Lovely layout

The Bottom Line

The owner of a Detroit roofing company wanted to revamp their website and show off their expertise. They came to us because they needed a website that showcased their work, helped generate leads, and gave them an online presence. We delivered a website that did all of that, and more.

The new design for the Detroit Roofing Company website is much more user-friendly, and the company has made it easier to find the information and services customers need. Thanks to a great redesign, an old site that was once only semi-usable and had a very dated look has been given a fresh new design that’s clean but pops.

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