Creating content and posting on social media always requires a small pivot due to continuous change in social media platforms. That means savvy small business owners should rethink digital marketing strategy. One way to do so is by incorporating the 70/20/10 rule.

Here are some tips on what to post on social media as a small business.

The Bulk Of Your 70/20/10 Strategy

What is that 70 percent of the strategy needed for rethinking digital marketing and creating content?

This is where each post you create should be relevant to people’s lives now. What are you doing to make their lives easier?

Besides, this content can also go in the direction of helping your customers identify your brand. This is done with branded images and keywords that empower your brand and resonates with your audience.

Uniquely branded keywords, images, and voice will attract your ideal customer.

Establishing Yourself As An Expert With Shared Content

The 20 percent of the equation is shared content. Because you had established yourself as an expert, you should select the related information and industry tips to share.

Your small business already provides top-shelf products. It makes perfect sense that your social media shares the best tips and information.

What sorts of content? Could be anything from industry news or a trending topic. It can also be frivolous and fun. Be sure to share a bit of both.

Curating informative and useful information will keep customers going to you, not your competitors. That is because you have shared the latest and best information that they want to know.

The Final Ten Percent

After you have created branded social media content and shared the best content there is to offer, what is the last 10 percent? This is your promoted content. Now it’s time to promote your products and services or in other words, the final 10 percent.

Generally, small businesses think that this should be the majority of your digital marketing strategy. This is not true. No one browsing social media wants to be sold to instead people come to social media for entertainment.

Content created with the user in mind, creates a fuller branded experience, making your small business and its products more attractive. It is a lifestyle.